Murder Mystery - February 23rd and 24th

When: Feb. 23rd and 24th
Guests: The hottest stars of rock, pop & soul.
Dress: 80s bands and solo acts.
Events Breakfast as usual Saturday and Sunday, plus a catered dinner on Saturday, and a MURDER!

Limited Availability

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Are you ready for a weekend of intrigue, murder and mystery?

Then join us for a Murder Mystery Weekend at the Romantic RiverSong, where you will become the story.

This fully interactive weekend will immerse you in the music and stars of the 1980s. Die Hard Records is having its retreat weekend. The two legendary founders, River and Rain Eagle, have decided after 10 years to split their successful label and form two new labels, and it’s time for their stars to decide where their loyalties lie!

You will be asked to help our unsuspecting sleuth solve a mystery, and you could even be entered to win a prize before the game is up.

Join us for a wonderful weekend of fun, curiosity and deductive reasoning at the Romantic RiverSong.