Friendly, Welcoming, and Exceptional

Our terrific staff is here for you. They cook delicious breakfasts, tidy rooms, make afternoon treats, recommend local restaurants, and provide a plethora of knowledge on local hiking trails in the National Park and National Forest. Always available, the staff and innkeepers ensure your stay is as exceptional and relaxing as possible.



Tammy came to us from New Hampshire. She loves having 26 acres to explore with real wildlife in our backyard. She has two favorite rooms: Mountain Rose for the incredible views from the shower and the reading nook; and Wood Nymph's red brick heated floors, cozy reading nook, and amazing views from the deck. She loves to make Sweet & Savory Crepes and Apple-Blueberry Crumble. In her spare time she likes to hike, practice yoga, shoot pool, visit wineries, cook and read real books.

"As the wedding coordinator, I love helping couples plan their intimate weddings and I have the distinct honor and pleasure of joining couples in marriage!"



Alex is originally from Dallas, Texas. She loves watching wildlife, especially hummingbirds, and walking down to the river. Her favorite room is Forget-Me-Not for the huge window and the jaw-dropping view of the mountains. Our cheesy Rosemary Scones are a real treat that Alex can't resist. She enjoys bike rides, reading, traveling and quality time with friends and family.



After 15 years of amazing service at the Inn, Blanca is an entrepreneur in Estes Valley. Blanca has left her mark on every part of the Inn and she is a treasured member of the team. Her favorite room is Wood Nymph, because of the atmosphere of romanticism: the private concert of the river, the wind, and the birds. Blanca's namesake Huevos Rancheros is her all time favorite, along with Cornmeal Strawberry Jam Tartinas Cookies. She cooks for all her loved ones, including her family in Queretaro, Mexico.



Jay grew up on California beaches. He loves how light and joyful couples are after a getaway at the Inn. His favorite room is Pasque Flower: "tiny but mighty!" Chocolate chip cookies are always a favorite, and he loves a good waffle. You can find him working on the farm when he's not at the Inn.

"I'm stunned at what Romantic RiverSong means to our guests. I met a couple who got married here and have returned every 5 years. They were celebrating their 30th anniversary with us. What an incredible honor!"



Krystal grew up all over the country, but calls Colorado home. Favorite cookie? Snickerdoodles!!! She most enjoys the woodsy, relaxing Meadow Bright room, with its rock wall and two-sided fireplace. She bakes, thows parties and plays piano. She is also a Certified Massage Therapist who studied in Thailand.

"I love sitting in the shade of a big tree by the river, escaping into the sound of the water."

  • "The staff members were all courteous and friendly with lots of helpful tips for enjoying the area."

  • "The housekeeping is fantastic. The staff is attentive but also respects your privacy. The level of professionalism and service at the RiverSong are top notch."

  • "The hominess and excellent service make this quiet and romantic b & b a great place to visit over and over."

  • "Everyone on the staff was so kind and went above and beyond expectations. We truly felt like we were staying with family!"