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An Affordable Travel Opportunity Story


Three years ago, my wife Sue was involved in an auto accident that has forever changed our lives and limits her involvement in the day to day activities of managing Romantic RiverSong Inn with me. Years ago we adopted Obe, our golden retriever then just 6 weeks old as our new family pet. Now, Obe's role in life has changed too, from pet to assist dog. She shadows Sue where ever she goes, ready to offer her strong furry body as stable support. Sue is lucky in that she has dodged dependency on her wheelchair and gets along quite nicely with her walker with Obe at her side. We are also avid travelers, and through the years of inn ownership, we have traveled to Mexico, Europe, and Alaska many times while our capable staff ran the inn for us.


Our travel options have changed now. Where we used to eagerly climb the steps to a castle tower, we now are limited to accessible lodging and much more comfortable accomodations and often pet friendly for our Obe. We prefer to make our own plans for what we want to see on our own time. That was becoming very time consuming and expensive until we discovered a new travel opportunity called World Ventures. We can  now do our own travel planning with the tools available to a travel agent and get paid for booking our own travel and lodging.Travel searches are now much easier because the portal into World Ventures allows searches through all the popular and reliable travel sites through just this one site!


Sue and I invite you to take a peek at this affordable travel option and deceide if this is valuable to you. We think you will be very impressed with its ease of use and tempting "Dream Trips" for those who can travel more spontaneously. So here's the link go to:


                     Happly Trails , Gary and Sue and Obe